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New year, new focus

Well what a year 2016 was. Ended in a complete whirlwind of working including the fabulous opportunity to work as a makeup artist on a television pilot alongside a great team. I would really love to do some more work like this in the furture and so I'm planning some photshoots to build on my portfolio so watch this space.

Sitting doing the planning and trying to work out all the logistics of venues, models (or in the case of this first one I'm planning, lots of willing friends), photographer, fellow MUA's and hairstylists, I realised I never did post the pictures from the last shoot that I did!

So here they are, the professional shots from Matthew Skelton Photography (  The gorgeous Chloe modelled for me for my final assessment at the north east makeup academy and she was perfect for the look I had planned.  Feel pretty proud of myself with these and hopefully I'll have some more to share with you all soon!