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Fabulous Brushes.

These are absolutely my new babies.... (sorry kids). They're my Money makers. I was required to purchase these from NEMUA to use during my pro artistry training. I've tried various brushes over the years and wondered if these would be added to my stash of average brushes I have hoarded as spares that I've accumulated from a previous college course and a masterclass. How wrong was I?! It's true what they say, 3rd time lucky!

These brushes are such good quality and have been carefully selected (and lovingly hand sorted) by Lisa Devanney, Pro MUA and Educator at NEMUA, to ensure that the pro 24 piece kit contains every type of brush needed to create any look you can think of.

Teamed with the NEMUA Pro Belt and the NEMUA Base Blender I have everything I need as a Pro MUA to create flawless makeup looks on my gorgeous clients.

If you're not a pro MUA there's even a set of 12 essential brushes for everyday makeup application if the PRO 24 set is more than you need. Either way they're excellent value for money and I've heard several other MUA's have switched to these from more popular, expensive brands. Definitely a good investment.

Take a look on NEMUAStore to get yours:

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